Audra's 1958 GMC
Project Truck

Ever since high school graduation, Audra has wanted to drive the old 1958 GMC pickup that her Grandpa, "Bark-o" (the nick-name is another story) gave her. With 20,000 original miles (eat your hearts out truck buffs!) this truck is an excellent restoration project.

On break from first year medical school, we went home and my brother had pulled the truck to his house to breathe a little life back into it. After sitting for years collecting tree sap and moss, it wasn't much to look at initially...

Here my personal mechanic (older brother Paul) is working over the front brakes.

Here Dad is putting the ancient tires back on to see how the truck will go under its own power. The tires were scrapped after the initial jubulance of driving the truck--rotten rubber with goose eggs on the side walls and cracks everywhere started to make everyone nervous.

After a little elbow-grease and a couple hundred bucks, the old '58 was ready for the road. Can you believe the old thing got a couple coats of wax?

It really didn't clean up that bad either. Went from a pale tomato-soup pink to a much brighter red. (thanks to my sister and one of her friends who scrubbed and scrubbed and waxed).

Here we pose the truck on some tailing piles in Fox, Alaska.

The truck project, like everything else in our lives, is mostly on hold until after med school is over. Then, we will get the truck finished so Audra can cruise the streets in style.