More Shots of
the Aurora Borealis

It seems the Aurora comes in all shapes and colors. Here the electrically supercharged gases appear to stop at one altitude in the atmosphere.

We complete our aurora tour with a stunning fan-like display of the northern lights dancing among the trees. It is truly amazing how in the dark of an Alaskan winter night, the moon and Aurora can set the world aglow.

Iverson (of BLM web cam fame). He likes to capture various aspects of life around Fairbanks. Along with Aurora pictures, he also has some cool panoramics on his site. A sample of his work is below:

Jan Curtis' pictures. If you want official scientific links about the Aurora, this is the site for you. There is good technical information about photographing the Aurora and neat pictures.

Aurora Forcasting for Alaska provided by the Fairbanks Daily News Miner and the UAF's Geophysical Institute. Also refer to my 'Alaska Web Cameras' page for a link to the Poker Flats All-Sky cameras. While visiting the Poker flats site, make sure to visit the MPEG All-Sky camera movies!

No web site, picture or painting can ever really do justice to the immense expanse of the Aurora Borealis flowing across the heavens. Although I am personally biased, I highly recommend a Northern Lights tour of Alaska in the dark of winter.

For those of you who like to explore the night sky, go to Heavens Above and search for satellite tracks (such as spotting the International Space Station), star charts and lots of other celestial information for the sky-watcher. This site is really cool.

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