The following pictures are from a very nice elderly gentleman who had the misfortune of running off an Alaskan highway in the middle of nowhere. He had to spend the night in his car. The frostbite damage you see ultimately cost him pieces of both feet. The ultimate treatment for severe frostbite is to wait and see if the frozen tissue regains circulation. If not, it turns necrotic and needs to be surgically removed.

A good portion of the tip of the nose was frozen, and mostly recovered from the damage.

Both feet were treated the only way possible, dressed and covered with ointment, which was not enough to prevent the eventual amputation of the toes.

Close-up of the left foot. The blistering on the foot is not as severe as seen in more extreme frostbite. In many respects, he was lucky to have not spent more time in his car AND that the temperatures were not as extreme as they could have been (although once you freeze you are frozen).

A word to the wise, no matter where you may live: ALWAYS travel prepared! Lady Luck just might be out on a date when you need her.

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