The Hood

Happenings in the Hood

Detroit is all inner-city...delapidated, burned out and abandoned buildings are everywhere. This is in keeping with Detroit's reputation as a violent and poverty-stricken city. Homeless individuals circulate daily looking for anything which they can sell or recycle for money.

While living in University housing and walking to school, I saw everything from naked people to burning cars and even followed 2 blood trails back to the hospital. One day the cops were looking for a guy breaking into cars, and I pointed him out to them. During our second year here, 3 cars were set on fire, over 2 days, within a block of the apartment.

The vehicle quickly erupted into flames and burned furiously. The distortion in the photos is due to shooting through our triple-pane windows.

The next morning I went out to get pictures before the cars were removed. Not much is left of this clunker.

Everything inside was totally destroyed. This was a hot little camp fire!

Late the next afternoon, a wrecker came and picked up two of the burned out cars.

In an unrelated story(so far as we know), a guy prowling around our parking lot attracted the attention of the police. First, they are talking...

Then the cops decide they are gonna take him away--pat him down and slap on the chrome bracelets.

Last step, of course is to stuff him into the patty wagon.

And all of this is just right outside of our window! Just imagine the selling potential this has for the revival of inner city Detroit.

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