More Ice Sculptures

More Ice Sculptures

Nature is always a 'hot' topic for ice art. Below a salmon sprays water while jumping.

If in need of a phone while touring the Ice Park, just stop at the fully-functioning ice phone booth (and bring 35 cents).

Not all ice sculptures are designed for competition. Businesses around town are catching on to the attractiveness of this fragile art. Below are some business sponsored carvings around the greater Fairbanks area.

We start with an ice community--igloo and snow people. This was sponsored by the Interior's power company, Golden Valley Electric. The night I shot this, the display was not illuminated, so I had to remove the flash from my camera and leave the shutter open while I manually triggered the flash from both sides of the picture.

The Gas Line gas station owned by Alaska Petroleum had this cool big-rig carved right in front of the station. Illuminated with a blue light, this was almost a great picture. Bright lights behind me washed out a lot of the blue in the final picture.

The Fairbanks Memorial Hospital had a bear talking to another animal. Both creatures stood over 6-feet tall and were backlit with green and yellow lamps.

As a sign that there is hope for all of us, a dentist office had a large angel displayed right on a major intersection. This piece of work must have been 8 feet tall, and was intricately detailed.

Every year the carvings are completed, only survive about a month before succumbing to the warming sub-arctic sun. Although temperatures are usually below freezing during this exhibit, the warmth from the sun is noticable (faintly at first, coming through the window) during February. Ahhh, spring in the north land!

As always, refer to the BLM camera, where the curator has some ice carving pictures of his own.

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