Lake Klutina
4-Wheelin' Trip

Lake Klutina is a large, glacial lake situated in south-central Alaska in the heart of the Copper River Valley near Copper Center.

When we drove the trail into Lake Klutina, it was in really good shape (for a four wheel drive trail). We had virtually no restrictions on use, but as always, had to tread lightly! Now, the Native corporations that own the land along the road charge an access fee if you cross their land to the river or camp. The reason is as compensation for folks cutting trees for fire wood and camp sites...they are forgetting to tread lightly. Unfortunately, what isn't becoming commercialized in Alaska is hard/impossible to access.

Along the 30 mile road, you can see for miles into the Alaska wilderness.

This is looking out toward the south from the ridge-top trail. With the bright sun reaching the valley floor, the blue-grey color of the river is quite evident. Although it is beautiful, the water is very cold and fast flowing. A fall in could quickly prove fatal.

My old blue truck at trail's end. I had to sell her just before going to school. Just wasn't a practical 'go to class' truck. sniff, sniff.

At the end of the trail sits the outlet to Lake Klutina. The water is icy cold and bluish-grey because of the glacial silt it carries.

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