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Below is a juvenile Bald Eagle. Although this picture was taken on the Gulkana River, you can often see eagles working salmon streams along the road system and in most coastal areas. Bald Eagles start life with all brown plumage, although they are no less spectacular.

As the cold hands of winter grasp the creeks, decorative ice tugs at running water as if coaxing it to stop flowing.

A definitive first sign of spring (although still months ahead of breakup) is the raising of the tripod on the Tanana River, in the town of Nenana. As "spring-fever" starts to circulate long frozen arteries, Alaskans head to local stores to buy Nenana Ice Classic tickets--which are bets on what time and day the ice goes out on the Tanana River. Usually the ice goes out in late April, one month before the lakes thaw open.

On the way to Valdez, Alaska you pass some spectacular scenery. Thompson Pass and Keystone Canyon are two high lights you need to plan on spending some time at to take pictures or just soak up the view. Below is Worthington glacier, just north of Thompson Pass.

Once over the pass and into Keystone canyon, the walls of the canyon shoot up vertically into a dizzying, dazzling spectacle. Waterfalls drop to the glacial river paralleling the road.

Bridal Veil Falls

Horse Tail Falls

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