Still "Hunting"

I guess the difference from a hunter and a simple nature enthusiast is the marked ability to stay on the hunting theme. Here our hunting party is side tracked after discovering a rock formation which seems to have come from nowhere.

A little further exploration reveals a shear rock face. This is considerably different terrain than the rolling hills we have seen so far, but just another reminder that in order to enjoy nature, you have to be observant.

If the hunting is slow, many folks change gears to berry picking. Cranberries, blueberries, among a handful of other yummy natural produce awaits people who can sit for hours and pick (with out going crazy as I would).

Every now and then being observant during berry picking has its own unique reward. Here pops holds up a hardened specimen of bear scat...don't ask me why, I don't know either.

Of course once the "hunting" trip is converted into a "harvesting" trip, the only moose you are likely to get is like this one.

Remember to always hunt safely--Know the area, Tell some your plan for route, duration and mode of transportation, Take company, Always respect the business-end of a gun.

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