Moose Versus Subaru

Wednesday, August 27,1997

We were on duty at the ambulance service when we got a call for motor vehicle versus moose on Goldstream road. We were directed to a nearby house rather than the actual crash site, so we had to return when the call was completed to actually see what had transpired. The damage done to both the car and moose, as you will see, was extensive. The driver luckily escaped with only minor injuries...someone was looking out for her. We approach the car from the rear, so if these pictures disgust you, please feel free to back out without getting to the "good" stuff down the page. (You will see blood).

We are looking down through what once was a windshield and roof of a compact car. Note the STEERING wheel is bent level with the ground. The driver of this car literally had a large moose in their lap!!

You can see the section of roof immediately over the driver's head has been pealed back like a tin can.

All of the blood you are seeing is from the MOOSE.

Note the positioning of the moose and car. The moose was on top of the car for about 200 feet as the car left the road surface and flew over the tundra. A small creek stopped the cars forward progress and the moose tumbled off just in front.

Kinda makes you want the biggest sport utility vehicle you can buy doesn't it? I bounced a young moose off the front of my Dad's old 1962 Dodge truck, and didn't do any damage. Of course with the big vehicles, speed becomes really important. A friend smacked a big moose while going pretty fast, and his chevy caught on fire and burned to the ground. What fun!

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