A Northern Necessity

From the cities to the most remote village, most people in Alaska own or at least have been on a snowmobile. They provide not only recreation, but an essential machine for trapping and hunting.

The White Mountains

The trail beckons, but everyone else has to get ready before the caravan moves out into the White Mountains National recreation area 30 miles north of Fairbanks, AK. Hundreds of miles of trails, through some very sparse, yet majestic land, comprise the White Mountains system. Trails are mostly "groomed" by people traveling over them, and can be quite rough, or even in need of breaking. Dad (trailer in tow) leads the group along the first 14 mile stretch of trail to Moose Creek Cabin.

Sledding excursions usually have plenty of family time. You have to take breaks in the action, and visiting while the ringing in your ears subsides is a great thing to do.

Looking cool on the trail is always important, unless...

you get tired and need to take a little nap.

Summit Lake

When you mention snowmachining to someone in Interior Alaska, they will usually think of the Summit Lake area. Approximately 180 miles south of Fairbanks, the high, treeless alpine mountians and extreme snow fall are an excellent combination. Of course, with mountains, glaciers, rivers and lakes all in one area, people who don't pay attention die. Each year at least one fatality occurs in the greater Summit Lake area.

For an adrenaline rich sledding experience, check out Summit Lake, Alaska's Arctic Man Ski & Sno-Go Race!

Also of interest is the Fairbanks Snow Travelers.

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