Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculptures

Early every spring, artists come from around the world to build amazing works of art with ice blocks retrieved from gravel pits around Fairbanks. 2001 saw the largest, most elaborate carvings yet.

Some of the works get quite large, like this 30-foot pirate ship complete with a slide.

Below an Eagle is illuminated with red lights. The ideal time to view the sculptures is at night. The best way to photograph them is the same, except you need a nice camera, tripod and no flash.

Below is a full size helicopter, which is being repaired. The missing rotor blade is on the ground, awaiting assembly. Note the life-size mechanics at the nose and tail.

Some of the sculptors like hot rods. Here is quite the "rod" with a mouse at the wheel. Although the detail on the web isn't quite as obvious as I would have liked, it is pretty cool.

Below are two full sized unicorns. These were carved and placed into their delicate positions by cranes.

Another life-sized construction was this 'log' cabin.

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