Moose Hunting

(an excuse to explore)

As the brief Alaskan autumn sweeps across the state, the annual near-religious experience of the moose hunt begins September 1st. Months ahead of time, folks plan, scout and buy for the perfect hunting trip. Everyone seems to know of a valley where there are "big bull moose as far as the eye can see," yet no one else knows the place. Dentist, Doctor and other appointments are often hard to make during hunting season. The men disappear from town for a week or two. Sounds crazy, but it happens! Frost on the yellowing leaves signals there are other things to do than work.

Once you find that special valley, you have to glass the area, looking for the perfect spot to sit around for hours, occasionally calling the bulls in. If you have never seen someone calling a moose, you are missing an amusing sight.

Of course along with glassing the valley, you need to come with a rifle (or bow if you are really adventurous).

Perhaps the best part of hunting is getting out into the woods. Afterall, the fun stops once you pull the trigger. In the following picture the bright yellow is interupted by a red streak of related trees.

From the hill tops, birch and other deciduous trees make a beautiful mosaic amongst the black spruce. Here the Trans-Alaska pipeline cuts across the valley, leaving a very small environmental impact considering the cargo it carries.

On with the Hunt...